Sunday, June 20, 2004


Going back to a pet peeve

As I mentioned in my entry on the proper use of force in World Cup qualifying, I would be interested in seeing what the CONCACAF giants did with their opponents. It took until last night for someone to step over the line (and that even forgives Bermuda's 20-0 aggregate on last-in-the-world Montserrat from the earlier playoff round). Mexico laid the wood to Dominica in a most unpleasant way, winning their first-leg encounter 10-0 when it was not needed. El Cribabies were up 5-0 at the half and had for all intents and purposes secured its advancement considering this was the AWAY leg and Dominica was showing no bite in the attack to be capable of reversing the result. When the score reached 8-0 with more than 20 minutes remaining, I thought enough would be enough. Then came the ninth and what followed was an all-out attack to hang the double-digit scoreline on their opponent.

Frank Farina would have been proud of the heartless display these bums showed the paying fans in San Antonio and those watching across the US on Telemundo. Their need to pile it on was in my opinion classless, but then again we've never known our neighbors to the south to be at the head of the regional pecking order in that category, now have we?

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