Saturday, July 24, 2004


Oh Danny Boy.....

The Crew has picked up Danny Szetela in the weighted lottery and seem willing to hold on to him until and unless an acceptable offer is made by the Metrostars comes to the table.  Bully to them!  There is NO reason the Crew should bend over backwards (or frontwards) just to get this player into a "more comfortable" environment and to appease The Powers That Be in New York.  Less-fashionable teams (Dallas, Kansas City, Columbus, Colorado) get repeatedly ripped-off in the name of getting publicity-laden players onto teams in major television markets with little in the way of appropriate compensation.  IF a trade must be made, then this is what the Crew should be asking for:  two starters of reputable quality (Joselito Vaca and Mike Magee, for example).  If the Metro is serious about wanting him, if Danny is serious about wanting to play in the Swamp, and if MLS is serious about being Major League and not roto-league, this is what it will take for the Crew to part with their newest acquisition.  The league has gotten better in terms of allowing the luck of the bouncing balls (or draft order, Freddy Adu notwithstanding) to determine the fate of players, with the in-season player movement precedent being the player dump required of the Galaxy when they wished to sign Luis Hernandez (three starters [Steve Jolley, Joe Franchino, and Clint Mathis], all of whom have gone on to have more productive if not better careers in their future venues).  If Columbus is made to cough up Danny Szetela for players on the order of Kenny Arena and Mark Lisi, color this fan GONE!

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