Thursday, August 19, 2004


MLS World Cup Qualifying update

The tally after CONCACAF semifinal matchday one:

* 31 goals by 13 current or former MLS players (yes, I'm counting former Crew draft pick and current Toronto Lynx striker John Barry Nusum in that total) representing 11 countries OTHER than the United States in 3 confederations.

John Barry Nusum (Bermuda) 7
Carlos Ruiz (Guatemala) 4
Dipsy Selolwane (Botswana) 4
Dwayne DeRosario (Canada) 2
Amado Guevara (Honduras) 2
Duncan Oughton (New Zealand) 2
Ryan Nelsen (New Zealand) 2
Jean-Philippe Peguero (Haiti) 2
Stern John (Trinidad/Tobago) 2
Zizi Roberts (Liberia) 1
Shaun Bartlett (South Africa) 1
Saul Martinez (Honduras) 1
Jorge "Zarco" Rodriguez (El Salvador) 1

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