Tuesday, August 31, 2004



The Crew extended its unbeaten streak to a club-record ten straight games with a 1-1 draw in the Swamp against the Metrostars. Despite another tie, Andrulis did almost everything possible to put his team in position to get full points, but alas it easn't meant to be. The recap:

* Good gameplan. The starting XI was the same as the past few matches and seems to be gelling as a unit. Greg's subs were all offensive in nature and the team attempted to get the full result.

* Set-pieces are lethal. For the second straight game, all the goals for both sides came on set pieces or their derivatives. It is becoming a slight problem for the defense, but it is more convicting of the offense, whose last goal from the run of play came on August 7th against New England (two PKs, a pair of free-kick conversions or clean-ups, and a counterattack goal coming in the past four matches).

* We are in the driver's seat! We remained two points back of Metro with a game in hand and two more matches head-to-head with the Giants Stadium side. We CAN win the conference. We CAN play for MLS Cup on November 14th at the Home Depot Center. Now let's GET AT IT!

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